Degree in Hospitality Studies

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Degree in Hospitality Studies

Eligibility: 12th Pass.  | Intake: 30 seats.  | Duration: 3 year | Batch: Full Time.

Many students undertake a traditional Bachelor of Hospitality degree to further their education and give them the skills necessary to build a successful career. These programs tend to go into more depth relating to the hospitality industry and help students qualify for high-paying jobs.

What is Hospitality Studies? A Hospitality is a degree that aims to prepare students to successfully manage the operation of a resort, hotel, or another lodging establishment. This career requires knowledge in several areas of operation, including food and production, management of staff, upkeep of facilities, marketing management, financial accounting, sales & marketing and customer relationship management. Students may be able to explore flexible options in their choice of electives, customizing their degree to support the areas they are most interested in.

Students prefer to pursue the field of hotel management for several reasons. The program provides education in several areas, including financial management, Human Resource management, interpersonal relations, leadership skills, and management techniques. A Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Studies can help students find employment quickly following graduation.

Candidates who complete the program will find themselves in high demand for management positions. Graduates will have a vast array of choices concerning where they would like to build their career, as this degree can be utilized in any groups of hotels or resort around the world.

Hotel management requires great people skills and ability to present leadership. To start a successful career, find a quality program and enroll soon. To learn more, click on below link and contact directly the admission office for admission.


BSCHM0101 Business communication
BSCHM0102 Food microbiology & Nutrition
BSCHM0103 Basics of computer
BSCHM0104 Foundation course in food Production - I
BSCHM0105 Foundation course in food& Beverageservice - I
BSCHM0106 Foundation Course Inaccommodationoperations - I
BSCHM0107 Foundation course in front Office - I
BSCHM0108 Foundation course in foodproduction - I Lab
BSCHM0109 Foundationcourseinfood& Beverageservice- I Lab
BSCHM0110 Foundation Course Inaccommodationoperations- I Lab
BSCHM0111 Foundation course in front Office - I Lab
BSCHM0112 Basics of computer Lab
BSCHM0201 Environmental sciences
BSCHM0202 Hygiene &Sanitation
BSCHM0203 Accounting for managers
BSCHM0204 Foundation course in food Production-II
BSCHM0205 Foundation course in food &Beverageservice-II
BSCHM0206 Foundation Course Inaccommodationoperations- II
BSCHM0207 Foundation course in front Office-II
BSCHM0208 Foundationcourseinfoodproducti On –II Lab
BSCHM0209 Foundationcourseinfood& Beverageservice-II Lab
BSCHM0210 Foundation Course Inaccommodationoperations-II Lab
BSCHM0211 Foundation course in front Office –II Lab
BSCHM0201 Environmental sciences
BSCHM0301 Industrial training Report
BSCHM0302 Industrial training Log-Book
BSCHM0303 Presentation &Viva- Voce
BSCHM040 1 Food production operations
BSCHM040 2 Food & Beverage operations
BSCHM040 3 Human values and professional ethics
BSCHM040 4 Accommodation operations
BSCHM040 5 Food & Beverage control
BSCHM040 6 Front office operations
BSCHM040 7 Food production operations- Lab
BSCHM040 8 Food & Beverage operations- Lab
BSCHM040 9 Accommodation operations- Lab
BSCHM0501 Advanced foodproduction operations
BSCHM0502 Advanced food & Beverage operations
BSCHM0503 Front office management
BSCHM0504 Accommodation management
BSCHM0505 Food & Beverage control
BSCHM0506 Hotel engineering
BSCHM0507 Tourism concepts
BSCHM0508 Management Practices and organisational behaviour
BSCHM0509 Resort management
BSCHM0510 Advanced Foodproduction operations- Lab
BSCHM0511 Advanced Food &Beverageoperations- Lab
BSCHM0512 Front office management- Lab
BSCHM0513 Accommodation management-Lab
BSCHM0601 Advanced Foodproduction operations-II
BSCHM0602 Advancedfood&Beverageoperations - ii
BSCHM0603 Frontoffice Management-II lab
BSCHM0604 Accommodation Management-II lab
BSCHM0605 Food&Beveragemanagement
BSCHM0606 Facility planning
BSCHM0607 Financial management
BSCHM0608 Marketing management
BSCHM0609 Food Photography Andfoodjournalism
BSCHM0610 Advanced Foodproduction operations-II lab
BSCHM0611 Advanced Food &Beverageoperations-II lab
BSCHM0612 Frontoffice Management-II lab
BSCHM0613 Accommodation Management-II lab

Lords Institute of Management in collaboration with Asian International University.

The Degree course in Hospitality Studies at Lords Institute of Management Surat is offered in collaboration with Asian International University degree programme aims to pursue a professional degree more accessible and convenient