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Restaurant Server

After completing the Position Specific Knowledge section of the Study Guide, employees should be able to:

Describe ways that restaurant servers work together to meet superior performance standards.

List basic kitchen safety guidelines that restaurant servers should follow.

Discuss sanitation regulations restaurant servers must follow, including keeping foods out of the temperature danger zone.

 Identify menu omissions and substitutions available at your property.

List and define some of the basic terms for food preparations and timing, as well as common food and beverage equipment.

Describe how to set up the restaurant and side stations.

Explain how to safely prepare and carry service trays.

List various types of glassware, dishware, cutlery, and linens used at your property.

Demonstrate customer-service oriented ways to greet and seat guests and approach the table.

Discuss how anticipating guest needs can lead to exceeding guests’ expectations and contributing to an enjoyable dining experience.

 Review the steps for taking food orders.

 Explain how to suggestively sell and up sell.

Explain how to serve beverages, serve a meal, and check back to the table.

Discuss how to respond to dissatisfied guests.

Explain how to maintain tables throughout a meal.

Discuss ways to sell after-dinner items.

Discuss ways to prepare takeout items.

Explain how to present guests checks and settle bills.

Outline the sequence of service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Define terms associated with alcohol service, including types of beer, wine, and liquor.

 Identify procedures for dealing with guests under the influence of alcohol.

 List your property’s tipping policies.

Duration: 3 months.