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Kitchen Cook

A kitchen cook prepares food for customers. Kitchen cooks help devise new menu items and methods of cooking. Their duties are to prepare food before the arrival of guests, manage employees in the kitchen, and season food according to recipe needs. They assist other cooks during the food assembly process, estimate food consumption, and organize preparation.

After completing the Position Specific Knowledge section of the Study Guide, employees should be able to:

Describe ways kitchen cooks meet superior performance standards.

List basic kitchen safety guidelines that kitchen cooks must follow.

Discuss sanitation regulations kitchen cooks must follow, including keeping foods out of the temperature danger zone.

List and define some of the basic culinary terms commonly used in a kitchen.

Identify and explain how to use basic kitchen tools and equipment.

Differentiate between different kinds of knives and describe how to care for them properly.

Define standard cuts used for different kinds of foods.

Understand standard recipe development.

Follow proper procedures for weighing and measuring ingredients.

Learn how to convert standard recipes by changing the number of portions and the portion size.

Describe how to control food costs through yield testing roast meats.

List your property’s standard pars.

Identify nutrition trends that may affect your day-to-day job.

Describe the correct plate presentation and garnish procedures at your property.

Discuss ways to handle special guest situations, including special requests, substitutions, and complaints.

Review the process for working a call-and[1]pick-up system.

Explain the purpose of banquet event orders and discuss how to use them to work more efficiently.

List the procedures for handling leftovers at your property

Duration: 3 months.