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Guestroom Attendant

A room attendant is a hospitality professional who acts as a housekeeper for a hotel or motel. Room attendants help these establishments keep their rooms clean and welcoming. In this way, they can help create a positive experience for guests.

After completing the Position Specific Knowledge section of the Study Guide, employees should be able to:

Discuss why guestroom attendants are so important to a lodging operation.

Review the superior performance standards that guestroom attendants strive to meet and the list of tasks that guestroom attendants perform.

Discuss the role of guestroom attendants in keeping guest’s belongings and the property secure.

 Explain how guestroom attendants can practice key control.

Review the importance of inventory in the housekeeping department and the role each guestroom attendant may be asked to play in performing an inventory count

Identify OSHA regulations pertaining to housekeeping and laundry areas.

Discuss how to respond to unusual guestroom situations.

Explain how to use a room assignment sheet. 

Define common room status codes.

Review the types of guest amenities and cleaning supplies guestroom attendants use on the job.

Identify ways to use cleaning supplies and chemicals correctly and safely.

Discuss ways guestroom attendants keep their carts and work areas organized.

 Explain why a cleaning sequence is important.

Review the steps for cleaning the bathroom and guestroom closet.

Discuss the remaining non-bathroom tasks in cleaning a guestroom.

 Explain how to vacuum a guestroom.

Understand the purpose of deep cleaning tasks at your property.

Explain why tip sharing among guestroom attendants is important.

List end-of-shift duties you must follow at your property.

Duration: 3 months.