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Front Desk Representative

A Front Desk Representative is a professional who is the first point of contact for all customers of a business. They greet customers, answer phones, receive and deliver mail, and assist with maintaining and ordering office supplies.

After completing the Position Specific Knowledge section of the Study Guide, employees should be able to:

Describe the purpose and tasks of a front desk representative.

Identify the various equipment and systems that front desk representatives use in the course of performing their duties.

Describe procedures for assigning and granting access to safe deposit boxes.

Define different types of reservations.

Identify and define some of the basic room inventory, status, and rate terms.

Describe loyalty programs

Discuss the various tasks front desk representatives perform during the pre-arrival stage.

Identify the steps and tasks involved in the check-in process.

Summarize the importance of key control at the front desk.

Discuss how front desk representatives can use effective sales techniques while check[1]ing in guests.

Discuss the procedures for dealing with VIPs.

Explain the process for relocating guests in sold-out situations.

Discuss the various tasks front desk representatives typically perform during the occupancy stage.

 Discuss the steps involved in processing the various types of guest check-outs.

Discuss the processing of late charges.

Summarize the process of addressing disputed charges.

Duration: 3 months.